100 Years of Swimwear – Just in Time for Winter!

I love fall as much as the next girl, but I wanted to take a second to reminisce on this past summer, especially because it was my last one without a child! That’s right, I’m preggers – due in April. So, my thoughts have already drifted to next summer and . . . . what is my body going to look like post pregnancy??!!

I mean, my thoughts have gone other places too, like: “I really need to figure out how to use a car seat”, “what’s the best hospital for birthing”, “Waaaah, no more alcohol!!” and “What the heck am I doing”. . . . but, really, the vanity kicks in after all that and you think. . . . next summer I will have just given birth! *cue the screams from Psycho*

Seriously, I’m no skinny mini to begin with, what is this child gonna leave me with when it’s all said and done? Probably not this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.08.10 PM


So, I’ve been doing a little research. . . .and it may be time to put away that two piece. I say may because who knows, I could have the elasticity of a 20 year old and the metabolism of a teenager when it’s all said and done. Or I could get super rich, hire a chef and trainer to look better than I did at 21. Hey. It. Could. Happen. . . Right?


Well, if it doesn’t. . .  I’ve done a little research and found a great company, Always for Me, offering great suits for any size. They also have this cute little tool where you can look through 100 years of swimwear.

Always for Me plus size one peice


I mean, I’m not heading back to the 20’s look, by any means, but those one pieces and tankinis are really cute. And retro is IN!

So, stay tuned, I’ll update everyone in the Spring and we’ll see what cute swimsuit 2016 will bring!





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