Kid’s Sunday School?! Eeeeek!

Ok, so I’m NOT a teacher. I have plenty of friends and family members who are. . . but me, just not cut from that cloth. So, when I volunteered to teach Sunday school at Rhythm City Church this week, I was not quite sure what I was thinking. I’m sure it was something like, “I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, in business and love. . . I can DO THIS!” What was I thinking?

I love kids, and I hope Dave and I are blessed to have them, I can’t wait! But, for now. .  . Kids intimidate me. Seriously. Especially when they can talk back and ask questions, run around, dirty their diapers. . . . the list goes on. Maybe it’s because I don’t have one of my own yet – so I’m not really sure if I am doing anything right, but mostly it’s because they can smell fear – my fear. They sense it like little ninjas. . . and I’m in trouble if they see the fear in my eyes.



Lord, help me. Don’t let them smell the fear. . . 


Anyway. . . I will be ‘teaching’ the adorable little ninjas about Noah’s Ark. I think the head teacher lobbed me a softball on this one, and I am forever grateful. I could have gotten Cain and Abel (“kids, don’t kill your siblings”). . . ugh. That could be a disaster. . . so, thanks, Erin!

So, I did a little research for Sunday and I found a short little kid friendly story and a great food incorporated craft for them to do after the story. Pinterest is amazing, so thank you, Meaningful Mamma, your Animal Cracker carrying craft is ingenious.  I mean, what kid doesn’t like snacks and crayons?


Follow Up: Success! The story was short and sweet for the little ones who couldn’t sit still, and the craft was great! I gave them Frosted Animal Crackers as a snack, and we used the regular ones for the craft. Also, to prolong the time to create the craft I had each child color BOTH sides of their little Ark pouch.


There were a few tears, a wet diaper and shorts. . . but other than that – pretty good, if I do say so myself!

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Yazoo (yeah- zoo), TN’s First Craft Brewery

Yazoo Beer, Dos Perros

Yazoo Brewery, Since 2003

When it’s a hot Saturday in June, what better way to spend it than taking a brewery tour at Yazoo Brewery and enjoying different libations that the house has to offer?


Yazoo’s owner Linus Hall opened the doors of Yazoo in October 2003. What was once a young UVA student’s passion for brewing that sprung from a Home-brewing kit purchased from the back of a 1993 Rolling Stones Magazine was now a business.

I love Yazoo. The first time I tried a Dos

I was hooked. I will choose Yazoo over pretty much any other beer when I’m in TN. Keepin’ it local, ya know. But Dos Perros isn’t all they have. Varietals include, but aren’t limited to: Yazoo Pale Ale, Spring Wheat, Hefeweizen, Sly Rye Porter, Hop Projects, Gerst and the Tennessee’s first ever legal high-gravity al, Yazoo Sue. Aptly named after the famous Johnny Cash, it’s dark and strong, just like ‘The Man in Black’.

The first space Yazoo occupied was in Marathon Music works, but they soon outgrew the small space and now take up residence in the Gulch, 910 Division Street to be exact. The brew tours have grown from a one room, one stop tour to a 45 minute multi-stop tour, and it’s great.

Yazoo doesn’t serve entrees, only light app fare and pretzels. However, there is usually a food truck parked at the front door on Friday and Saturday. So, stop by today – you won’t be disappointed!


Yazoo Brewery Tour Guide

Yazoo Brewery Tour Guide


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Cumberland River, Fun on  a boat

My Top Ten Favorite Places in Nashville


Plenty Of Options for Lakes, River and Creeks in Tennessee. Get in the water!


Arrington Vineyards, best hangout

Arrington Vineyards. Bring a lunch basket and buy a bottle of wine. . . spend the afternoon!


Frothy Monkey Coffee Shop

So many coffee shops, so little time!


TN State Parks

Fall Creek Fall State Park and so many others!



Nashville Sounds brand new First Tennessee Stadium

Nothing Better Than a Baseball Game, Peanuts and a Cold Beer!



Great eats in Nashville

Looking for a great place to eat? Come to Nashville! Nashville Originals are the best!



Nashville Predators. Fang Fingers!

Nashville Predators. Fang Fingers!




No need to travel. Find fun in your own backyard. Grab a beer and a friend or two and have an adventure. It’s summer – find your own fun!



Farmer's Market Tennesseee

Find your local Farmers Market. Mine is the Downtown Farmers Market, or Franklin Farmers Market.



Tennessee Titans

Just wait, the end of August is around the corner. Football season is almost here!

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Yeast Nashville


So. There are a ton of coffee shops in Nashville, but I have to start posting about my favorites. I’m not even sure weather to call this a coffee shop or a bakery, but we’ll settle on coffee shop for now, since I visited in the AM.

Yeast Nashville offers gourmet coffees, espressos and lattes as well as baked goods including the Kolache! What is a Kolache, you ask? They are large handmade rolls (of Czech origin) filled with anything savory from sausage to cherries. Even though I didn’t have a kolache –  I was not that hungry, I did order coffee and breakfast.

I had a vanilla latte (very good), and the sausage and bacon breakfast burrito. I mean, you can’t go wrong with pork and eggs – but the sausage was some of the best I’ve had. They also make their own salsa. . . SCORE!
Staff is fabulous and courteous!  The eclectic vibe inside is awesome, however we sat outside on the patio. Patio is very small (just because of their location) and warm on a summer morning – but I will definitely be back.

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Mafiaoza’s, because it’s NOT Monday

Mafiaoza's Wood Fired Oven

Mafiaoza’s Wood Fired Oven

Just like Chick- fil- A, when I crave it, they aren’t open. . . . Monday’s are just bad all around! They get it though. . . that’s why for one day a week, MONDAY, they shut their doors and stay under the comfy covers. . . haters gonna hate.


So, Mafiaoza’s in the 12 South Area  has been my ‘go to’ for pizza since 2006. There are so many options for Nashville dining. . . and we will get to those, but I have to go back to the start.

Nine years later,  12th looks like a completely different place, but Mafiaoza’s is like a warm cozy kitchen I am drawn to like my Nana’s peach ice cream. Not only do they have 2 for 1 slices and beer on Tuesdays (because it’s Tuesday!) they also have free double pours of liquor. . . can’t beat that college kids (Belmont, Vandy).

And for the parents, fresh “play” dough for every child while they sit with you or watch each pizza being created from the oven bar!

My favorite options are the fried mozzarella or mac ‘n cheese for apps, but the best pizza (in my humble opinion) is the Last Request, without Jalapeños 🙂

I love them for:

Visit all the new places, but please, don’t forget about this little gem 🙂

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East Nashville Community Center


East Nashville Community Center

East Nashville Community Center


Saturday morning a friend introduced me to the East Nashville Community Center. She knows how much I love yoga (usually hot and vinyasa), but asked if I wanted to try the $3 drop in community class. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first – I guess I am just spoiled. . . but honestly the teacher was fabulous and even though it wasn’t the athletic workout I was use to, my mind and hips thanked me. This class was not so much about toning, as it was stretching, and for a runner who’s hips sometimes give me trouble  – it was amazing.

And let’s talk about the community center as a whole. It’s a clean, convenient and affordable and recently updated space that includes a gym, group fitness room, gym, pool (Yes, a Pool!), outdoor playground (for a Little Ficken one day), an indoor track and more.

Coming to the center really opened my eyes to a new and very affordable way to stay in shape! Each drop in class is just $3 (for fitness classes or use of the gym facilities), $20 for a 10- class pass or $30/mo. Seriously, $30 a month! You can pay up to $30 at a Golds Gym in Nashville and there are no pools or an indoor track. This space also had a gym with basketball and volleyball nets – can’t wait to get a group together and play.

So, in case you’ve never checked out your local Nashville community center , or one nearest you in your town, stop in this week and take a look around, you may find your new fitness zone! 🙂


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Weekly Food Encounter 6/1/15

The Tavern Nashville

Tavern Interior


So, you think Nashville is all about Country Music, eh? Not so much. Along with an eclectic music scene encompassing anything from hip-hop to punk, Nashville is growing not only it’s music scene, but it’s culinary scene as well. Any night of the week you can slide up to a different bar or take a seat at a new, exciting restaurant. Nashville’s creative spirit has definitely infiltrated kitchens, and I would like to share my experiences with you.

Most recent stop? The Tavern Midtown in Nashville. Known for their all-American burgers, this eclectic spot offers a variety of handmade, original cocktails, craft beers and wine. The food menu is all over the place. Brining a friend to town and not sure what they will like? Come here! You can order from a wide array of entrees including fish, beef, veggies, chicken, lamb, mussels, etc.  My favorite is the sweet potato chips with blue cheese fondue, the grilled fish tacos all washed down with a seasonal beer or the gin drink of choice, the ‘1920’.


Interested in more?

Tavern Midtown Menu



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Summer Outdoor Fun in Tennessee

Fall Creek Falls Swinging Bridge

Fall Creek Falls Swinging Bridge


Fill up your Contigo and pack your trail mix. . . Summer is a great time to visit Tennessee’s State Parks and visit the plentiful exploring / hiking in Middle Tennessee. From Radnor Lake to Fall Creek Falls, there are plenty of options in a 2 hour radius from Nashville. So pick your path and go!

Montgomery Bell State Park
1020 Jackson Hill Road, Burns • (615) 797-9052

Long Hunter State Park
2910 Hobson Pike, Hermitage • (615) 885-2422

Bledsoe Creek State Park
400 Zieglers Ford Road, Gallatin • (615) 452-3706

Cedars of Lebanon
328 Cedar Forest Road, Lebanon • (615) 443-2769

Harpeth River State Park
1254 Narrows of the Harpeth Road, Kingston Springs • (615) 952-2099

Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Nature Park
1900 Davidson St., Nashville • (615) 862-8539

Beaman Park
5911 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville • (615) 862-8580

Cheeks Bend Bluff View Trail
3145-3199 Cheeks Bend Road, Columbia

Fall Creek Falls State Park
2009 Village Camp Road Spencer, Tennessee 38585 • (423) 881-5298

Henry Horton State Park
4358 Nashville Hwy. Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034 • (931) 364-2222

Natchez Trace State Park
24845 Natchez Trace Rd Wildersville, Tennessee 38388 • (731) 968-3742


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