Hazardous Holiday Awareness for this Labor Day

While holidays are a time for fun and merriment, and the ever so appreciated extra day off work – they can also be surprisingly dangerous. From traffic fatalities to turkey injuries, some of the statistics related to holiday injuries will surprise and inspire you to exercise more caution the next time you engage in these celebrations.


While New Years and Thanksgiving typically rank highest in most accident-prone holidays, Labor Day isn’t too far off. As time on the road during this three-day holiday increases, so do the chances for accidents. Based on previous years, The National Safety Council estimates 405 fatalities will occur this Labor Day weekend. With 30 million people expected to travel the roads this holiday, in comparison to the 2.5 million travelling by plane, you can expect the roads to be pretty packed.


Think about the following factors before driving this holiday weekend.


  • Don’t travel during peak hours. According to Waze, it found that the best time to drive before Labor Day is Thursday afternoon after 2pm, because traffic peaks in the morning and lunch hours. If you are travelling on Labor Day, wake up bright and early because the majority of travellers will be hitting the road between noon and 3pm that day.
  • Don’t be the reason traffic happens. Make sure your vehicle has been properly tuned up and is in good shape for travelling.
  • Restrain everyone in the vehicle. That not only means your little bundles of joy, but you too – Mom and Dad! Even Rover should be harnessed. There are dog seat belts and apparatuses to protect him or her, at various pet stores across the country.
  • Remember the 3 D’s. Don’t Drive Drowsy. Take plenty of breaks and do not push yourself to drive through tiredness. 41% of fatal traffic accidents are single vehicle crashes occurring during the late night / early morning hours.
  • And as always drive sober. If you are incapacitated always have a sober driver that is available to drive.
  • If all else fails, consider a staycation! From most cities in the US, you can find something interesting, unique and fun only about 60 miles from your front door. These “one tank trips” save on gas, headaches and time, but offer fun and entertainment that will keep your family engaged.


So, please be safe this Labor Day weekend and enjoy your beer and BBQ’s wherever your travels take you.Hazardous Hollidays-final

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