Halloween on the Cheap


I’m a planner – so, even though it’s only September 12th, I am already planning for Halloween. It’s probably because I have a toddler now and I can’t wait to put him in an amazingly cute costumer. But our neighborhood is THE place to be for every kid within a 10 mile radius – so that’s another push to get my planning in gear! Last year was a bit of a budget disaster, so this year I’m trying to keep within our budget

I’ve decided to follow a few tried and true budget hacks for this year!

Tips To Save Money On Halloween:

  • Candy, most months I can get by without even a thought of it – but when it comes to Halloween I ALWAYS have sticker shock. Most stores increase their candy prices because they know people will pay it. How can you charge $10 for a bag of chocolate?! So, this year I am going to shop for discounted candy – and I found this out (last year) if you shop the DAY OF, and can get some pretty good deals that way too.


  • Baking is another way to supplement your candy supply! Try baking a few dozen cookies or a big pan of brownies, and individually wrap them.


Toilet Paper Mummy

  • Get your DIY on! The Ficken’s are going to work together this year and pull in a few neighbors to help get our craft on.  Simple every day household items can be used. Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls can go a long way! It’s also a great way to bond with the family and teach the kids teamwork. #toiletpapermummies


  • So, since I didn’t buy any decorations last year, I plan on buying them this year (after 10/31) for next year. So many stores slash theirprices once the holiday is over! I love shopping the Halloween 50-75% off salesand then storing them for next year – its takes the hassle out of planning what to do next year, love it. That’s how we shopped for our Christmas decorations as well – now I just need to find a place to store everything!


  • And lastly, if you are like me and didn’t buy any decorations or costumes last year – you areprobably going to have to pay retail for a costume this year. Or if you can sew, go ahead and get started on finding designs! However, if you aren’t a seamstress de’jour, then I would suggest searching for discounts before you start looking for that perfect costume. Places that I love to browse before I shop online are promocodesforyou.com, they have a great selection of Spirit Halloween coupons to choose from. You can find many more online coupon sites like this, just Google it.


I hope these tips help you get started on your Halloween fun, at a discount. I think the greatest tip is always planning first – that way you don’t go overboard at full retail! Have a great Halloween, everyone!

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