Having a Kid Costs…..How Much?!

Diapers, daycare, and all that food- the cost of having a child adds up- fast. Kids are expensive. The question is, exactly how much will that bundle of joy end up costing you in the long run? According to the U.S. Department of agriculture, one child will cost you $233,610 (excluding college costs). With people financially planning years in advance for the birth of their first child, couples of all income classes are realizing the infinite expenses that come with having a child. The worst part? Child related costs keep going up. The U.S. Census Bureau stated that the cost of childcare has double in the last twenty-five years. Having kids is a major strain on the wallet, and if the trend continues, costs are not slowing down.

With expenses on the rise, families are feeling trapped within a strict budget. School’s out for summer, and kid’s boredom levels can reach an all time high. Trips to the waterpark, escape rooms, and amusement parks can add up fast. But fear not! Family focused sites such as CertifiKID can help you channel your inner extreme couponer. Finding discounted attraction tickets can result in some serious budget friendly fun for your kids this summer. Having kids is no excuse to stop looking for the next adventure.

While a family trip to the movies can be a nice escape from reality, keeping your family active this summer should be a priority as well! CertifiKID offers family friendly DC coupons and discounts on activities all around DC that allow you to soak up some sun – which I will be using this summer when we visit friends! But, if you are an out of towner, there are plenty of great deals in other cities like Atlanta, Chicago and NY, to name a few. However, if a city you live in isn’t listed, there are plenty of other local discount sites, like this one in Nashville.

So, whether you’re on vacation or looking for an afternoon to escape, there are plenty of companies that have your back in helping you not break the bank and not let you get weighed down by budget concerns. Some of my personal family favorites around us include visiting the Water Mine Family Swimming Hole, taking a trip out to the Great Country Peach Farm, or swinging through the trees at Go Ape’s TreeTop Adventure ropes course.

After all that family time, peace and quiet will be at the top of your list. Already looking forward to back to school? There are plenty of sites that offer discounts on summer camps- from golf to fencing, to take your kids off your hands for a couple of days. By searching in the right place for deals- and keeping a smart budget, this summer can be the best one yet for your kids!

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