Stain Fighting 101

People warn you about a lot of ways that your life will change after having a child – the most common warning being that sleep will be few and far between (babies doesn’t sleep in on the weekend?). As a result, I was fully prepared for sleepless nights and less me time when my first child arrived. What I wasn’t expecting or prepared for as a new mom? The requirement of becoming the master of all stains!

Kids can be relied on to create a consistent flood of stains. With a baby, formula stains are the ultimate nightmare leaving the sweet baby clothes I washed and hung so carefully before the baby was born with a slight yellow tinge. The amount of OxiClean I’ve gone through in the past two years is absurd (new moms to be: add OxiClean Max Force Spray to your registry!)

Now that we’ve moved into toddler days, our little one doesn’t stop moving and there’s no keeping him out of kitchen cabinets and, well, everything.  We still deal with the clothing stains on a daily basis, but our new walker now creates stains around the house too. We’ve had milk and juice stains on just about every possible surface of our house, but carpet has proven to be the most difficult area to remove stains from. If you’re like me, this stain removing guide that I came across in one of my many stain-related Google searches will be your best friend moving forward as you continue your journey to becoming the master of all stains. With tips from some of the top cleaning bloggers, the guide has great recommendations for remedying common household stains and often utilize safer cleaning products to do so which is important with little ones around! I wanted to share the recommendations for colored drinks since these have been some of my most used – you can check it out below!


What parts of parenting have surprised you? What are some of your tried and true methods for getting rid of kid stains? Share below in the comments!


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