East Nashville Community Center


East Nashville Community Center

East Nashville Community Center


Saturday morning a friend introduced me to the East Nashville Community Center. She knows how much I love yoga (usually hot and vinyasa), but asked if I wanted to try the $3 drop in community class. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first – I guess I am just spoiled. . . but honestly the teacher was fabulous and even though it wasn’t the athletic workout I was use to, my mind and hips thanked me. This class was not so much about toning, as it was stretching, and for a runner who’s hips sometimes give me trouble  – it was amazing.

And let’s talk about the community center as a whole. It’s a clean, convenient and affordable and recently updated space that includes a gym, group fitness room, gym, pool (Yes, a Pool!), outdoor playground (for a Little Ficken one day), an indoor track and more.

Coming to the center really opened my eyes to a new and very affordable way to stay in shape! Each drop in class is just $3 (for fitness classes or use of the gym facilities), $20 for a 10- class pass or $30/mo. Seriously, $30 a month! You can pay up to $30 at a Golds Gym in Nashville and there are no pools or an indoor track. This space also had a gym with basketball and volleyball nets – can’t wait to get a group together and play.

So, in case you’ve never checked out your local Nashville community center , or one nearest you in your town, stop in this week and take a look around, you may find your new fitness zone! 🙂


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