Fast Food – Sometimes It’s a Neccessity

FranchiseOpportunities proves Subway is best

I don’t eat fast food often. In fact, very rarely. . . but there are times when it is in fact, necessary. Like, when you’re driving to your parents house 12 hours away with a toddler sleeping in the backseat. Or when you’re in a travelling band and the only food the band wants to eat is fast. . . and greasy, and you really don’t have time to argue. Thank the Lord that is all behind me now – at 34, I can’t take that greasy mess 🙂 #20somethingscaneatanything

That said, Subway has always been my ‘fast food’ of choice. Don’t get me wrong, during my college days, a 2am burger from McDonald’s was in order. . . but for the most part I try to keep my “drive-in” consumption to a minimum.

But. . . my husband and I have VERY different views on the subject. In fact, Dave is so against Subway that when we do in fact travel together, we have to get off on exits where there is at least one other fast food option than a Subway. #sillymarriedlifeproblems In his own words, I quote, “Worst thing to get if you have to drive? Anyone? SUBWAY!!!! It smushes all the meat out of the bread with every bite! Anyone else care to comment?”

So, there, now you understand his absolute distaste. However, just to poke him a little more, I just sent him this survey from which proves, Subway is in fact the healthiest option. . . therefore, I will not be choosing any other fast food joint. He’s just going to have to live with this decision;-) In fact the percentage of menu items under 500 calories at Subway is over 97%. That’s pretty awesome in my book. subway percentages

Even though it doesn’t bother him, I will be sure to bring it up during every holiday family drive we have! #nagging

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