Getting Ready to Update the Home!

So, even though we just moved into our new house last year, it’s already time for a few updates! And a few adjustments for Jack who will be crawling soon.

I ran across this awesome article offering some advice for hottest home design trends coming in 2017, and I have to say – the mixed metals are already happening in this household! I was on point before it was trendy! I mean come on – it’s impossible to find exactly what you want in fixtures in the SAME EXACT COLOR throughout your house. You can mix silver and gold in your jewelry, why not mix silver and bronze in your house – done! But, my new favorite?? Grass cloth wall coverings. Seriously – some people still hate this trend, but I’ve loved it for years, and now that we have our home that I hope we live in until our kids are old and grown. . . .I want to add a little pop of it. I was thinking the master bedroom. Hottest Home Design Trends

As for decorations, I’ve been taking a look at a lot of Pinterest Boards lately. Even though we have been in our house for a year now, our bedroom and upstairs hallway is devoid of any artwork or pictures! But, I love this idea I saw  – we just need to print out all of our awesome iphone photosscreen-shot-2016-10-12-at-10-49-11-am

I also, love this site that talks about how to babyproof your home and there’s even a quiz. I mean, I didn’t even realize some of the things that I need to do before Jack starts crawling. So. much. stuff. Seems like I’ll be doing this in the next few weeks!

So, here’s to fall and planning on 2017! Cheers!

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