Kid’s Sunday School?! Eeeeek!

Ok, so I’m NOT a teacher. I have plenty of friends and family members who are. . . but me, just not cut from that cloth. So, when I volunteered to teach Sunday school at Rhythm City Church this week, I was not quite sure what I was thinking. I’m sure it was something like, “I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, in business and love. . . I can DO THIS!” What was I thinking?

I love kids, and I hope Dave and I are blessed to have them, I can’t wait! But, for now. .  . Kids intimidate me. Seriously. Especially when they can talk back and ask questions, run around, dirty their diapers. . . . the list goes on. Maybe it’s because I don’t have one of my own yet – so I’m not really sure if I am doing anything right, but mostly it’s because they can smell fear – my fear. They sense it like little ninjas. . . and I’m in trouble if they see the fear in my eyes.



Lord, help me. Don’t let them smell the fear. . . 


Anyway. . . I will be ‘teaching’ the adorable little ninjas about Noah’s Ark. I think the head teacher lobbed me a softball on this one, and I am forever grateful. I could have gotten Cain and Abel (“kids, don’t kill your siblings”). . . ugh. That could be a disaster. . . so, thanks, Erin!

So, I did a little research for Sunday and I found a short little kid friendly story and a great food incorporated craft for them to do after the story. Pinterest is amazing, so thank you, Meaningful Mamma, your Animal Cracker carrying craft is ingenious.  I mean, what kid doesn’t like snacks and crayons?


Follow Up: Success! The story was short and sweet for the little ones who couldn’t sit still, and the craft was great! I gave them Frosted Animal Crackers as a snack, and we used the regular ones for the craft. Also, to prolong the time to create the craft I had each child color BOTH sides of their little Ark pouch.


There were a few tears, a wet diaper and shorts. . . but other than that – pretty good, if I do say so myself!

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