Mafiaoza’s, because it’s NOT Monday

Mafiaoza's Wood Fired Oven

Mafiaoza’s Wood Fired Oven

Just like Chick- fil- A, when I crave it, they aren’t open. . . . Monday’s are just bad all around! They get it though. . . that’s why for one day a week, MONDAY, they shut their doors and stay under the comfy covers. . . haters gonna hate.


So, Mafiaoza’s in the 12 South Area  has been my ‘go to’ for pizza since 2006. There are so many options for Nashville dining. . . and we will get to those, but I have to go back to the start.

Nine years later,  12th looks like a completely different place, but Mafiaoza’s is like a warm cozy kitchen I am drawn to like my Nana’s peach ice cream. Not only do they have 2 for 1 slices and beer on Tuesdays (because it’s Tuesday!) they also have free double pours of liquor. . . can’t beat that college kids (Belmont, Vandy).

And for the parents, fresh “play” dough for every child while they sit with you or watch each pizza being created from the oven bar!

My favorite options are the fried mozzarella or mac ‘n cheese for apps, but the best pizza (in my humble opinion) is the Last Request, without Jalapeños 🙂

I love them for:

Visit all the new places, but please, don’t forget about this little gem 🙂

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