Nashville is Suuuper Hot

Ok, so my in laws just moved to town. Not 30 minutes away, not across town, but 2 minutes away to be exact. You may be having flashbacks of Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond’ where the MIL stops by unexpected, and constantly berates her DIL. But wipe all that away because – brace yourself  for this  – I LOVE my inlaws! My MIL is not only beautiful, smart, worldly and wise – she’s fun and sweet, and “gets it”. My father is law is the same way  – seriously – no Frank Barone here. You would never know they both lead an international organization and travel the world teaching people and doing amazing things, but they do.

Anyway – they aren’t close to retiring yet – but we did have to have the conversation about the longevity here in Nashville. They moved here – as did their son and my brother in law, so that we could all be close together. So, the possibilities of a reverse mortgage did cross our minds. I mean, it would be great for them to stay in their home as long as they choose, and after 15 or so years, something like a reverse mortgage may be a great possibility for them. They could update their house or retire easy without having to pay a mortgage!
reverse mortgage But, the market in Nashville is so hot right now. And we are enjoying our views, interest rates and the economy while we can. Seriously – our realtor one year ago today told us that about 80 people are moving to Nashville every day. Crazy right? Well, after being here 10 years, I can definitely see why it’s a great place for people to move, and stick around. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Nashvillian by Choice,

Mia Ficken

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