New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year, everyone!
Today I am full of the Resolution spirit, even though I didn’t make ANY resolutions for the New Year. I just don’t believe it playing inside society’s lines when it comes to my own personal resolutions. So, it’s taken me a bit, but I really do want to accomplish things this year. I want to read more, travel more, be healthier, lose weight, etc. . . . so I’ve put a list together of things that are helping me with my own resolutions, and could help you too!


  1. Read More. Ok – so, I really don’t have time to actually sit down with a book, and when I do I’m typically asleep in minutes. . . so – I “read” by listening! is amazing. I can cook, clean, exercise – and ‘read’ a book at the same time. If you are a multitasker who wants to get stuff done, as well as expand your mind – is for you! It’s not cheap – but they do have 30 day free trials frequently so you can at least download one book to see if it’s worth it for you.
  2. Move More. I love apps – and apparently so does everyone else! So, I’ve downloaded a few apps to help me get motivated to move more! I have the Runtastic App, which helps track runs (more honestly slow jogs these days). I’ve also downloaded a Tabata App, called Tabata Pro that is a quick easy tool that you can use anywhere, for any length of time to get in some quick workouts!
  3. See More. Our household loves to travel, and we also like to travel cheaply! We have a few trips planned this year and a few apps that are helping us plan! We love our SWA app (it will ping us when low cost fares become available), but there are also others like the iExit app and Spotify to get us through road trips!
  4. Give More. So, tithing and giving to charities is part of our families monthly expenditures. It’s something that we do graciously and cannot imagine not doing. Some families tithe each year, some tithe 1%  and some tithe 10%. No matter what the percentage, to us, giving is something we love to do. We love knowing that we are in a small way helping others, growing others and being a blessing to others. There are so many charities to give to, you can take a quiz here to find out which works for you and your family. And if you are a non profit organization, DonateMate is a great and easy way to set up ongoing donations.
  5. Breathe More. So, I’m not completely on the bandwagon yet – but I am becoming more intrigued with meditation and I am striving to just breathe more and try to de-escalate stress when it comes on. A great book that looks into this is 10% Happier, and they also have a great app as well. Take a look – read the book and maybe just download the app. If you’re interested in trying to clear your mind and looking for ways to de-stress, this could help!


So, for now, that’s it. I’ll return to this in 2018 to see if any or all of these were helpful in 2017 and fill you in! I hope everyone has a happy and blessed 2017! 4232721700_1cde7cfe62_b

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