Northwest Style Homes vs Southern Style Homes

So, more fun news!

We are building a house! Yes, I know – a new job, new house and newly pregnant. . . We didn’t plan it that way, but we couldn’t be happier!

So, because we are almost complete on the house build (the baby still needs some time in the oven), I’d like to talk about building a house for a minute. It is a time consuming, anxiety causing, fiscal tightrope . . .but overall a wonderful process. Our builders, Ribbon Cutters, have been great and very patient with us. After much debate over whether we would go with a traditional southern style house or not, we have chosen to go with a more southern cottage style home. Something a little different, yet classic. We think it’s pretty cute and coming along well!

Cottage Style Home with Ribbon Cutters


We are not going through a custom home builder like Ryan Homes, or a production builder that provides customization like American Classic Homes, and honestly, for us we wouldn’t have it any other way. We just really like the free reign customization process (no matter how crazy it makes us).


However, we do have friends in Seattle who are building too and they are using a builder. It’s been nice going through the process beside them, and being able to bounce ideas and stressors off each other has been wonderful. It’s also been interesting to see how different their process has been from ours. They really have fewer choices to choose from when it came to the style, floorplan, extras, etc., and we had too many! Like, should we upgrade the outdoor space with retractable awnings? A small part of me wishes we had gone through a larger builder – to take away some of the analysis paralysis of all the different house things to choose from, but we made it through.

Anyway, since they live in the Pacific Northwest, their house style is a bit different than ours. (they are in the earlier phases of construction, so this is the only image I have of what it could look like).

American Classic Homes

Their home is more in the Pacific Northwest  / Craftsman Tradition style, as ours is a little more Southern / Cottage. It’s been interesting to learn more about homes in general and the difference in tastes based on which region in the US you live.

For instance, I am originally from the suburbs of DC, and you would never see a new house style like these two right outside the beltway. The houses in Northern Virginia are a far cry from the craftsman style of the Pacific Northwest or traditional style of the South.

For instance, this is the type of house I grew up in. Brick in the front, siding on the other three sides. I really don’t prefer this look, it seems too sterile to me, but hey – to each his own. American Classic Home Style


So, anyway, enough builder talk. Next step, the interior . . . ahhhhhhh!


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