Rhythm City Church’s Volunteer Party

Rhythm City Church Volunteer Appreciation Party. Nashville, TN.

Just some of the many volunteers who help throughout the year at Rhythm City Church.



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I just wanted to share some pictures from our Sunday Fun Day, Volunteer Party for Rhythm City Church yesterday in Nashville! It was full of games, kiddie pools, photo booth fun, beer , hotdogs and burgers :-)!


Rhythm City Church, kids enjoying icecream

Everyone loves ice cream!


Rhythm City Church , founded in September 2013 meets at 3rd & Lindsley every Sunday at 11am. We are a small community right now, but we are growing. I never knew what went into a Sunday morning volunteering, but I do now! There are so many things to do before the service actually starts. Over the past year and a half volunteers have worked tirelessly on Sunday mornings, arriving early to set up the tables, set up the stage & sound equipment, make the coffee, put up signage, and a million other things. Not only that, there are community groups that gather throughout the city each week at different  houses to party, pray and serve their communities.


Rhythm City Church Volunteer Celebration, Rev. David Ficken and Mia Ficken

Rev. David Ficken and Mia Ficken



Helping grow and serve a new church, otherwise known as a ‘church plant’ is rewarding and tough. Rhythm City’s mission is to connect the disconnected, and the vision is to become a rippling movement of communities where everyday people follow Jesus, together. This is a hard mission, especially because many people have become disenfranchised over the thought of religion and organized religion due to something that happened in their past or the thought of Christian hypocrites and judgement that they believe they will receive (and unfortunately sometimes do receive) when they walk into a church. Rhythm City is a place to meet people right where they are at, and love them. No judgements, no pressure, just grace. For we are all the same, in need of grace.


Thank you to all the volunteers who make Rhythm City continue to move and grow and change lives every day!

Have a great week, everyone!!

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