Wedgewood/Houston Art Crawl This Saturday!

Wedgewood / Houston Art Crawl, Fist Saturday of each month.



I know it’s the Labor Day Weekend, but this Saturday evening is also the Wedgewood / Houston artcrawl!

Wedgewood / Houston (nicknamed WeHo) neighborhood is a close cluster of strong artisan relationships and has functioned as a historic home for many artist studios. Every month they open their doors to Nashvillians to experience a free art and music walk. The walk begins at 6:00 PM on the first Saturday of every month. Just minutes from downtown, and walking distance from the old Nashville Sounds stadium, WeHo has dozens of venues, commercial galleries, artist-run studios, and coworking spaces exhibiting groundbreaking art each month.

Bits and Pieces

Packing Plant, Bits and Pieces

After experiencing this great little adventure a couple times, I am hooked. I honestly look forward to the first Saturday of each month. The vibe is very chill, very creative, and very open. Each artist stop along the way not only features the artists work, but also their style and sometimes the artists are even there doing the actual work. Wine, beer and other beverages are available for free at each stop as well.

This is a great date night activity or group activity . . . just know that more than 8 people and you will definitely get separated. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to expand their artistic side, explore art in all forms and be around creative Nashvillians!


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