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So. There are a ton of coffee shops in Nashville, but I have to start posting about my favorites. I’m not even sure weather to call this a coffee shop or a bakery, but we’ll settle on coffee shop for now, since I visited in the AM.

Yeast Nashville offers gourmet coffees, espressos and lattes as well as baked goods including the Kolache! What is a Kolache, you ask? They are large handmade rolls (of Czech origin) filled with anything savory from sausage to cherries. Even though I didn’t have a kolache –  I was not that hungry, I did order coffee and breakfast.

I had a vanilla latte (very good), and the sausage and bacon breakfast burrito. I mean, you can’t go wrong with pork and eggs – but the sausage was some of the best I’ve had. They also make their own salsa. . . SCORE!
Staff is fabulous and courteous!  The eclectic vibe inside is awesome, however we sat outside on the patio. Patio is very small (just because of their location) and warm on a summer morning – but I will definitely be back.

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